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Studio Policy

Revised August 2011

Kathy Miller Piano Studio
22110 Hwy. Y    Saint Robert, MO    65584
573-336-3576    k2miller@embarqmail.com


Selected by MMTA as 2009 Missouri Music Teacher of the Year

Bachelor of Music in Piano, Voice and Clarinet from Southwest Baptist University, 1982

Two years graduate study in Piano Pedagogy at Southwest Missouri State University, 1995-1997

Lifetime Missouri Teachers Certification in Vocal/Inst. Music K-12.

Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) in Piano from Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) since 1990.

29 years experience as a private teacher and 5 years as a classroom music teacher.

Former Vice President of Missouri Music Teachers Association (MMTA) and Editor of NOTES magazine. Past President of Rolla Area Music Teachers Association (RAMTA). Frequent adjudicator and lecturer for MMTA and National Federation of Music Clubs.



The studio features a Kawai 5’ 10” grand piano and a Yamaha digital piano for lessons. Another digital pinao is located in the computer lab to use for practice and sight reading. Computer assisted theory and ear-training assignments are completed in the computer lab each week. To help with organization, each family is assigned a mailbox in the computer room. Students need to check their mailboxes each week for performance class notes, tuition envelopes, sightreading assignments, and notes to parents placed in the mailbox. Students are responsible for checking their mailboxes and taking their notes home.


Student’s Equipment

The full size piano at home can be acoustic or digital but must have 88 keys, pedals and a bench of the correct height. A metronome is required for practicing at home. (Seiko DM - 70 is an excellent and inexpensive model for about $30. Metronomes can be purchased along with music books.)


Students under the age of 10 years old

A parent is required to attend lessons with beginners under the age of 10 years. The parent who attends the lesson is also expected to assist the student at home on a daily basis and must assume the responsibility for supervising the practice.



The piano studio year is divided into 4 quarter with 11 lessons in each quarter for a total of 40 lessons per year. The quarters are Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer (see summer options below). The studio is closed for:

Start of school (Waynesville School District)
Labor Day
MMTA State Conference (usually in early November)
Two weeks for Christmas Break and New Years
Spring Break
Last week of school and Memorial Day
Fourth of July - about week during the summer

Tuition is payable by check or cash in quarterly or monthly installments. Tuition envelopes are provided that include tuition, books, entry fees, etc. Tuition for students paying monthly is due by the 10th of each month. (A $3.00 late charge will be added after the 10th.)


Activity Fee

A $60 yearly activity fee is paid with the Fall Quarter tuition in September. This covers various costs including: interviews, assignment binders, computer lab and sightreading materials, performance classes ($2.50 per class per student), RAMTA fees for theory tests ($2) and Spring Auditions, purchasing and replacing loaned books, CDs, videos, incentive prizes each month, computer software. There are also 2 “loaner” keyboards that students can borrow to take on trips.



Students are expected to practice a minimum of 6 days a week. First year students should practice between 30 to 45 minutes daily. Short sessions of 10 or 15 minutes two or three times per day will get very good results. Second year students should practice between 45 to 60 minutes per day. Third year students and above should practice at least 60 minutes per day. When preparing for a performance or competition students may need to increase the practice time dramatically.


Summer Lessons

Students attending Summer Quarter are automatically reserved a time in the fall schedule. Students who drop out for any reason will lose their reserved lesson time and will have to reapply as new students. Options for summer lessons may include summer day camp combined with private lessons or substituting eight 60 minute lessons instead of eleven 45 minute lessons.


Spring Recital

Spring Recital is the main performance event of the year. All students are expected to attend. At the end of the recital awards and certificates are presented and a group photograph is taken.


Piano Tuning

Pianos should be tuned at least once a year. New pianos may need to be tuned more often. Sam Casey 417-859-6783 is a reliable and experienced tuner.


Termination of Lessons

Parents must give two weeks advance notice before the end of the quarter to terminate lessons. Students who fail to notify the teacher two weeks in advance will be billed for an additional two lessons.



Students may be dismissed from lessons for any of the following: inadequate practice in quality or quantity; failure to complete written work; excessive absences at lessons or performance classes; destruction or theft of teacher’s property; rude, disrespectful, or uncooperative attitude towards the teacher or other students; failure to pay tuition.



The studio is closed on the following holidays: Christmas and New Year’s Day (two weeks), Spring Break (2 weeks), Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving. Students whose lessons fall on these holidays will not receive a lesson. Tuition fees are not affected; each student gets 10 lessons per quarter. The studio may also be closed for the MMTA State Conference and lessons rescheduled as needed.


Lessons MAY be rescheduled under the following conditions IF there is a cancellation during the week. only:

1. Hazardous driving weather (parents must call before lesson time).

2. Illness of student or parent (parents must call before lesson time).

3. Death in the family.

There will be no rescheduling for lessons missed because of conflicts with vacations, sports, cheerleading, school activities, social activities, problems with transportation or church activities.
Lessons missed due to the teacher’s absence will be made up by the teacher.
In the event of an unexpected conflict, students arestrongly encouraged to swap lesson times with other students. A student schedule with phone numbers may be provided to help with exchanging lesson times.


Performance Classes

In performance classes, students perform pieces for each other as in a recital. The classes are very important both musically and socially. They provide positive peer pressure and performance experience. Students learn how be good audience members. Parents are welcome to attend. Students with perfect attendance are recognized and rewarded at the Spring Recital.
Students are expected to attend a minimum of 4 performance classes during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter to participate in the Spring Recital.



A supply of new student books are kept in the studio. Students purchase their own books including theory, ear-training, method, technique along with any other books the teacher may select. Parents reimburse for books with next tuition payment. The purchase of some CDs may also be necessary. Metronomes can also be ordered along with books.


Monthly tuition is due by the 10th of each month.
$3 Late Charge after the 10th.
Activity Fee for each year is $60 per student.
Ten Lessons in each quarter.

45 minute private lessons - $285 per quarter ($95 monthly)
60 minute private lessons - $345 per quarter ($115 monthly)

Quarterly tuition is due on the first lesson of each quarter in
September, December, March and June.

Fall Quarter 2013
August 26 - November (10 Lessons)

Winter Quarter 2013 - 2014
November 15 - February 17 (10 Lessons)

Closed for Thanksgiving
November 22 - 25

Closed for Christmas and New Year 
December 20 - January 2 (Lessons resume Jan. 3)

Spring Quarter 2014
February 20 - May 11 (10 Lessons)

Closed for Spring Break
March 12 - 16

Summer 2014
To be announced